Newport Beach 16th Street Recreation Center

Solo to Social


❏    Individually tailored class to a child’s needs and level of autonomy while having fun learning gymnastics and lifetime skills. We focus on progressive structured classes developing motor skills, flexibility, coordination, self efficacy and confidence. These classes are designed to allow progression to typical gymnastics programs and group integration. (A Special needs Class)

Group Gym

❏    Socialization and group participation make this specially grouped class a great fun place for improving basic gymnastics and social skills, strength and flexibility leading to autonomy in group settings. The encouraged interaction with others in a safe and active environment make this gymnastics class a great place to meet new friends. (A Special needs Class)

Parent and Me






Ninja Kids


A fun filled class where adults help and scaffold for children to learn basic coordination and large motor skills through a varied assortment of circuits and stations, rhymes and games. Developing body awareness and hand eye coordination our instructor teaches progressive skills while reinforcing acquired skills each week leading to children’s accomplishment and ability to move on to a transition level class.

  In a fun and inclusive environment children learn the fundamentals of gymnastics while developing body and spatial awareness, improving strength and flexibility while increasing self confidence and social interaction.

Our progressive youth program is designed for children to have fun while developing their gymnastics skills, strength and flexibility.Youth program skills follow USAG level progression guidelines and techniques. Each level has a specific set of skills that a child must pass before moving to the next level. Personal development includes life skills such as self discipline, confidence and goal setting along with teamwork, respect and responsibility

❏    Youth Level 1: 5-7yrs,   Youth Intermediate: 6-12yrs (must have Fwd roll, spider handstand, beginning cartwheel and beginning split)

❏    Youth Advanced: 9-15yrs (must have cartwheel, bridge, handstand and pullover with minimal spot. Assessment of skills will happen first class.

Donning Ninja Headbands kids explore movement and coordination through structured obstacle courses with progressive difficulty and skill acquisition. Based in gymnastics basics with a parkour twist these young Ninja’s will be enthralled as they learn positioning, spacial awareness,and body control while gaining strength and flexibility.