Our Vision

Gymnastics for All


Include Gymnastics was founded last year by Ruth Arkless, a gymnastics coach and early childhood specialist who focuses on special needs children. Ruth has extensive experience with ASD and has had great success bringing these children into a social recreational environment. Ruth works with children both on and off the spectrum with varying disabilities. Understanding that children often are in therapies several times a day Ruth knows how important autonomy and freedom are to these kids.

Incude’s gymnastics classes are a non clinical environment, using her personal background and education Ruth places children into specifically designed classes to ensure safety of the child while they learn the autonomy of physical fitness and enjoyment of their gymnastic abilities.

Include Gymnastics provides a warm inclusive environment for all children to enjoy gymnastics. Our recreational classes follow traditional gymnastics progression bringing children to the USAG standards of execution. In specialized classes there is a focus on children with developmental disabilities: Our goal is to help these children gain autonomy of movement and follow progression to be able to complete typical gymnastics classes in an inclusive environment. We have a lot of fun whilst doing it. As a recreational extracurricular activity, though we use techniques similar to daily therapies, this program is not considered formal therapy. All children deserve a break, to have some freedom and fun at something they enjoy, we are here to provide that platform for them.

Ruth is a proponent of high level recreational gymnastics and coaches gymnastics through Optional Level with children expressing their own creativity in their own routines.


Ruth is a USAG certified coach and a credentialed Early Childhood Educator who has designed and implemented gymnastics programs at the YMCA and other privately owned gymnastics facilities. Every program Ruth has implemented follows the USAG protocols and safely brings children through progressive gymnastics challenges to achieve their highest capability.