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At Kids Care Includes Gymnastics we believe all kids can enjoy sports and all should have access to the fun. From the very beginning including Special Needs through progressive steps to our high level recreational, we offer classes for all kids from 9 months to 15 years.


REcreational Gymnastics

From Parent and Me to Preschool the natural steps of progression are followed allowing skill building to begin.

From Beginners to Advanced gymnasts skills are increased and improved allowing children to reach their own personal goals.


Individually Tailored Special Needs Classes, Solo to Social Gymnastics

From a solo gymnast in the room with one on one specialized coaching, to small group inclusion and then typical gymnastics progressive classes, our special needs program is full of fun and expertise to help all children achieve their freedom and autonomy in the gymnastics and general sports arenas.

Solo to Social Gymnastics Classes

Individually tailored to you child’s needs and your schedule